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General Information, Terms and Conditions

About us (Adobe pdf)  
How to Order (USA and Canada only),  office hours & additional catalog costs.

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 For a 2015 price list, please contact us at 800-476-9944 or via email at

Packing & box sizes
Case Pricing Pre-booked orders
Claims & Guarantee Prices & price list.
Discounts Returns
Back-order Samples
Made in USA rules (FTC site) Shipping & Handling Charges
Minimums Shipping Links
NC & other state sales tax Terms of Payment, Credit Cards, Credit App/COD/COD Company Check
Our RN number and Fed GOV on-line database  

Additional services
Custom Ordering 

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To see updates and pictures of custom styles -> Closeouts, excess thread, equipment, etc. (some irregulars are shown on facebook)
Pocket Sizes Made in USA tags and labels
Fabric Design display squares Pictures of Facilities and directions to plant
Garment dyeing Private Labeling our goods
Hangtags and Polybagging Label Changing -outside goods including hats
Charges to change L/S to short sleeve -.70 cents ea Charges to "shave" larger sizes to smaller. .75 + label
Charges to shorten length of garment, 60 each (example would be the beach dresses which are very long. Apparel Sizing article. Nov 2011 Wearables Magazine. Click here.
Heat Transfer resources and Tips Screen Printing & Embroidery
Charges for applying Heat transfers, Lettering & Numbering Tips for printing on CoolMax. For technical information on Coolmax, click here. For Dri-release go here
Wipe Rags for sale Adding Anit-Microbial to Coolmax.

For employment applications. Click here. You will need adobe reader to open and print. that can be downloaded free at Click here for some news releases and other articles

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The minimum order is $50.00.  For orders less than this, add a $5.50 handling charge ($3.50 for less than minimum plus $2.00 handling fee per case).   We prefer (though is not required and it speeds shipment) to order in multiples of 6. To obtain a price list, please contact the company.

How to Order and office hours: Call 800-476-9944 or 704-279-5528 extension 1. Fax is 704-279-8205. Our Office hours are Mon.-Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST. On Friday the office is closed but we can still ship by calling extension 254 or 220 . e-mail

Karen  ext 247, mike ext 254,

We keep all stock items available for same day shipping if called into factory by 3:00 p.m. EST. Just call our customer service department or sales representative and they will be happy to help you in any way possible.  Please have your account number handy when placing your order as it will speed your order processing (you can find it on an invoice). We close for major holidays.

Our 8 pg  catalog can be download here or by contacting the company. For a 2015 price list, please contact us at 800-476-9944 or via email at  There is no charge for 1 to 5 catalogs. From 6 and above we apply a charge of $1 each unless management waives the fee. Price lists are available but must be obtained through the company.

Samples of stock items are available  at the dozen price.  See regular terms/credit card/COD for payment options.  Samples are non-returnable. Click here for custom styles

Packing- Screen printers fold Special packaging available upon request at a surcharge. Go here for box sizes

Terms of Payment, Net 30:- Terms are net 30 days (DOI) to accounts with approved credit limits.  Late payments are subject to a 1 1/2% interest charge per month.  For accounts seeking terms please furnish current financial statement and credit references. A form to include appropriate information can be downloaded here.  Please allow 2-4 weeks to process credit information and to obtain approval. (revised 9/08)

Credit Card- Visa, MasterCardDiscover and American Express accepted unless item is on the close-out list. Then C.O.D. only or an 3% up-charge may apply.

Company check (if using UPS as shipper)  accepted if approved prior to shipment. Click here for form (Adobe PDF file required to print) 
COD: Money Order or certified check.  All returned checks for any reason will have a $25.00 handling charge.  Refused C.O. D. shipments incur a 15% restock charge plus shipping charges incurred.
50% deposits  may be required on Custom orders  prior to ordering materials with the balance due upon shipment.

Discounts- A prepayment discount of 2% will be allowed on orders where a certified check or bank wire is received in advance of shipment.  C. O. D. does not qualify.  Order minimum is $1500.00.

Shipping and additional Handling Charges- All orders shipped freight collect our factory unless freight prepaid is advised by customer.  $2.00 a case handling charge UPS shipping for less than case packing. Case packing is six dozen per style, size and color except for bulky and heavier items such as fleece.  

Returns- No returns will be accepted without prior written permission.  We do not accept returns on garments damaged. decorated, ticketed or in any other way altered by the customer.  Flaws should be marked by tape.  Upon inspection of the return we will issue the appropriate credit.  A maximum of 30 days from the invoice date is given to return defective garments unless there are extenuating circumstances that would be a factor in extending the 30 day limit.  We do not issue call tags for defective goods. Go here to learn about defects. Click here for an Adobe version of our return authorization form.

Pre-booked orders:  We need 60 days notice to shipping to change pre-booked orders.  Bonafide  P.O.'s are required and production is not initiated until credit is approved and firm delivery dates are received from the customer.

Shipping carriers-

Custom Ordering:  Please note all customer inquiries where shipments are destined for Japan are now routed through our licensee Goodwear Inc. They may be contacted at 800-787-4951. For domestic inquiries, please see information below. 

Pocket sizes- We have two sizes we use. A regular 5 point pocket. 4 3/4" width by 5 3/8" in length (center pt). the other is a 6" x 6" square pocket. Both have the top flap sewn around a 1" pellon for extra support. When writing specifications we generally allow 1/2" seam allowance for all seams except a 2 needle bottom hem which is 3/4". Sewing operators seam allowance is 3/8". We use T-24 cotton wrapped polyester thread to sew using our automatic pocket setting machine. Consequently, please note that on dark garment dyes the thread does not dye exactly. It will "shine" a little more than regular cotton thread but otherwise does not detract from the look of the shirt.

For an education of the different types of stitches. Go to and follow the links. (we do not have the capability to do all that are listed)

Private Labeling-
-To Relabel from our finished stock (assuming your label  is not wider than 2" or less than 1" -charges will increase for more complex labels.)

There are two ways that we relabel. Costs for relabeling OUR cal cru goods:

  1. Our labels are cut out and yours is single-needled back in the same place.  We charge $.17 a piece to do this. Add $.05 cents each if a second label is required (example- one logo label and one paper label that includes content and size information.) It's not quite as nice as the below method but is similar to  most other companies method.
  2. To unravel the necks (most styles are reinforced with cover-stitch or cover-tape) and insert your new label incurs a charge of $.32 cents per pieceAdd $.05 cents each if a second label is required (example- one logo label and one paper label that includes content and size information.) This method gives the garment the appearance that the label was sewn in when the garment was made. 

Relabeling of non Cal Cru goods

  1. Cut out and single needle yours in- .21 cents. If second label- .07
  2. To unravel and insert new label- .36 cents. If second label- .07

Please allow 5 to 10 working days for re-labeling. (prices revised 2/1/12. 1st increase since 2008)

-When  custom ordering (items made to order- see custom ordering) there is no additional charge for customer supplied labels unless it is wider than 2" or less than 1" in width.

If there are two labels sewn in during the same sewing operation (typically a brand name and joker label with washing and size instructions and set-in during the collar attachment  ) then  it's an additional $.05 cents each.

As for woven labels which are sewn on top of a joker label and NOT with the joker label the additional charge for attaching across the top of the label is $.12 cents each. Attaching down the sides is and additional $.12 cents each.

jokerLabel.jpg (9566 bytes)

We can print joker labels for a customer using our Fasco 8500 hot stamp printing machine. We use 100% woven polyester tape and black ink is preferred for garment dyeing. The only width that we stock is 1 3/8" (other sizes are available but minimums could be high). Length can be varied up to 3". Click on the label picture to see the layout of the label. We can change sizes without added cost but if you change the layout a charge of $100 is incurred to make a new plate. We also have a plate similar to the above but without our RN number on it. General cost is $15.66 per 1M on a 1 3/8" x 1 7/8" label. That works out to 19 cents per dozen or a little more than a penny & 1/2 a piece.  Longer labels cost more. (revised 12/05)

-Private labels have to be furnished by the customer. Normal sized loop labels are 1 x 1/4" in width & 1 7/8" in length. The top 5/8" of the label is needed for sewing allowance though 3/4" is even better so don't design your label with the Logo at the very top!.
Label suppliers-  Car-Mel Products in Mooresville NC provides labels and heat transfer labels. Ph is 704-664-6660. Also, Jim Gilmore at Andco  which is located near Charlotte NC His email is- Phone is 704-788-9526

See for care labeling rules.

Label Changing- Outside Goods. The same fees above apply except a $25 handling fee is charged regardless of the quantity. For hats, label additions are .39 cents each for a label where 2 sides are single-needled down. For 4 sides, it is .55 cents each.

Back-order- Items out of stock will be back-ordered at customer's request.  Back-orders are subject to cancellation if we can't ship within 30 days.

Prices: All prices are based on net 30 day terms.  All prices based on 1-2-5-4 scale for adults and 3-4-4 scale for youth.  Prices prevailing at time of delivery.  Prices subject to change without prior notification.  Off scale orders are subject to up-charges. Most styles incur a 5% surcharge if 95% of order is size XL. Price lists must be obtained through the company.  See contact information here.

NC & other State Sales Tax Charges- To avoid incurring NC  sales tax (some counties are higher then Rowan), we need your Sales and Use Tax ID number. Otherwise products purchased for delivery in North Carolina (including pick-up at the plant) will incur this cost. This tax also applies to the shipping charges.  For NC info click here.

For delivery to out of state residents, you are required to pay your sales taxes directly to the state the goods were delivered in  unless  you have a  Sales and Use Tax ID number.

Case Pricing: New customers- You may qualify for case pricing by either purchasing by the case,  by selecting an assortment of products whose value totals $1500 or more (one-time-one location shipment)  This $1500 or more order does not have to be in case quantities.  Once that opening order requirement is met, any additional purchases during the balance of our fiscal year (September thru August) can be purchased at the case pricing level. If you haven't purchased from us in two years, you will need to re-qualify for case pricing.

Claims and Guarantee: All claims regarding incorrect merchandise or shortage must be made within 30 days from date of shipping. We guarantee materials and workmanship of our garments only when fair treatment is given to the garment under normal usage.  Although every effort is made to match colors as closely as possible, some slight variation due to dye lot variances may occur at times.  Measurements of finished garments may vary due to the nature of knitted fabric.  Shrinkage is unavoidable in knit garments. To minimize this and get maximum usage from all garments, please read and follow all washing instructions.
Special concerns on tubular stripe goods- Styles -RIDR , SWSS, SWSY, These styles are manufactured from tubular knit fabric.  This means that there will be no side seams and that the stripes or ridges will bow or appear to rise or fall looking across the front of the shirt.  Normally this skewing is not that noticeable unless a large print design that is square or circular is used.  It is advisable to inform your customer of this variance which may occur.
ALL SHIRTS ARE AMERICAN MADE AND FIRST QUALITY except  where noted.  RN#41253  Advertising and Specialty Industry number is ASI 43260.   Federal government on-line database

Screen Printing & Embroidery- Click here for price list (Jan '12). It's in  Adobe pdf format. The services of several local suppliers are available to those who would like us to furnish a finished product.  Contact your sales representative or customer service 800-476-9944 ext 255, 260 for further information.

For color matching using Pantone Matching System information. click here to go to their site.

For Lettering, Numbering and team type garments thru our Outlet Store we now have a Cad cutter which offers solutions for many team and sports shirts. Please allow sufficient time to apply these. Generally we can do a small order of just a few that day. For 36 or so please allow about 2 or 3 working days.  Click on the picture below to see examples and enlarge. The retail prices vary from $3.50 to $6 (does not include price of shirt or tax). The outlet can be reached by calling 704-279-2651 or by e-mail at Hours are 9 to 5:30 M-F & Sat 9-1. (For orders larger than 72 it's more cost effective to use screen printing.)
805 S Salisbury Ave. Granite Quarry, NC 28072

 For applying customer supplied heat transfers to shirts, the charge is .25 each. This is for wholesale orders only ~ not thru the outlet. $25 handling fee charged per order for outside shirts.

Garment dyeing- The services of several local suppliers are available to those who would like us to furnish a garment dyed product.  Contact your sales representative or customer service for further information.

Garment dyers that we have a working relationship with.  Contacts:

Chuck Stewart (919) 832-0440, Raleigh NC
Also- Here's a 4 page guide from the AAMA subcommittee-re 1994.
-For garment dying tips click here. This is an 18 page pdf report that appears to be more for home tie dying.
-Click here to go to cotton inc list of available technical publications. Order TRI 3003 publication titled Garment dyeing of cotton apparel. Copyright 2001.
-Technical Information On Thread Colorfastness Considerations In Stonewashed/Bleached Garments And Thread Selection For Garment Dyeing. As of 8/04 at

Made in USA Hang Tags, labels, stickers-Surveys show that most Americans prefer to buy products that are made in USA.  Help make your product stand out among the crowd by highlighting it with a Made in USA label, hang tag and/or stickers.  They are available for a nominal cost simply by searching online. One company that offers stickers for a few cents each is

Heat Transfer Tips-When applying heat transfers, test the garment first (especially light colors and 50/50 poly/cotton garments) as you may have to place a slip sheet inside the garment to prevent the ink from the design or heat from the press affecting the back of the garment.  These slip sheets can be ordered from (Instagraphics (1-800-421-6971) or you can use regular brown paper or two used heat transfer papers. For custom heat transfers go to First edition and Transfer Express. Also, check one of the magazines  like Printwear or Impressions. For rhinestone heat transfers try ZBSL Designs. ph 800-659-0939 or High Impact at 800-779-4055. For sublistatic transfers call Fabrix at 704-334-0669. We charge .25 piece per location to apply customer supplied transfers to garments.

Tips for screen printing on CoolMax- The CoolMax White tee does not need any special handling or ink requirements. For the navy shirt and other colors however it would be better to run the garments thru  the dryer first  prior to printing. Obviously any dark colors regardless of fabric types require flash curing in order to prevent the color of the fabric from showing thru the ink.  It would be best to experiment with screen printing on colors. Many of our customers safely do this. However, with too much heat (over 300 deg F) dye migration might occur and discolor the print. For technical information on Coolmax, click here.

As for using plastisol heat transfers on coolmax, great caution must be used. Experiment first especially using dark colors. Also, the safety yellow can leave a yellow stain on the platen that is difficult to clean off.

The best looking designs that are completely absorbed into the coolmax are those using sublistatic inks. However, the color of the fabric changes the color of the inks so obviously thiey won't work on dark colors. We charge .25 piece per location to apply customer supplied transfers to garments.

Adding Antimicrobial treatment is available as an addon for coolmax fabric. The product is called Chem Fresh, has been certified by the military and lasts a minimum of 25 washings. The additional cost is approximately 5% to the cost of a doz shirts but only applies to custom orders of one dye lot or more. That's the equivalent of 1000 lbs unless a sample tub of 240 lbs is available. That translates to approximately 170  & 40 doz short sleeve t-shirts respectively.

Wipe rags. These are pieces of fabric that are cut out during the manufacturing process.  Various shapes and sizes but all are large enough for general cleaning. We pack our excess wiper rags in 30 to 50 pounds per bag. There are three assortments, white cotton jersey- .90 cents @ lb, white cotton rib-.75 & Colored cotton rib and jersey for .60 @ lb. Contact customer service

Design display squares-  Display Squares- available 100% cotton  jersey or 1 x 1 rib. Sold by the pound Prices based on size and availability of fabric. Example: black jersey 8 1/2 by 11". $4 a pound. Other colors possible available (see our catalog for colors). Minimum is 20 lbs or so which with the above example might create 40+ dozen. 

Hang Tags - We charge $.96  per dozen(.08 ea) to apply customer supplied hangtags.

Bag Stickers -To apply customer supplied stickers to bags - $1.80 per dozen (.15 each )

For Individual Poly bagging-
poly bag size in CM
Individual polybag
$2.16 per doz(.18 ea)
Adult tee- sizes S-5x
26.04 x 36.83
  (outside goods are .25 each)
youth fleece XS-L
Adult Fleece S & M
youth tees
special order
    Adult fleece L-2x
33.66 x 33.66
6 shirts per bag
 $1.92 per doz(.16 ea)
Adult T's  S-2x
33.66 x 33.66
Adult t's 3X- 5X
38.10 x 52.07
youth Fleece M-L
33.66 x 33.66
youth Fleece XS-S
youth T's M-XL
33.66 x 33.66
youth tees XS & S
26.04 x 36.83
12 shirts per bag
$1.68 per doz (.14 ea)
 Adult T's  S-2x
 38.10 x 52.07
Adult t's 3X- 5X
2 bags 38.10 x 52.07
youth T's & fleece
38.10 x 52.07

Shirts are folded in a square. Approx. 9" x 12"

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